Privacy Policy

Last undated in January, 2022

The operator of the COATINGCAT platform knows well the importance of your personal information. We will keep strictly to the laws and regulations in China and take corresponding security measures, trying every effort to keep users' information safe.

Your careful reading of this "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") is appreciated for thorough knowledge of our collection and use of information, and thereby a better understanding of our services before making your choice. The Policy applies to the products or services on the COATINGCAT platform. It should be specially noted that, the Policy applies to neither the products or services provided by any third parties after your access to any websites/links of the third parties, nor any other products or services with independent legal notices and privacy policies. Your visit and use of the products or services on the COATINGCAT platform signify that you have fully understood and agreed with the Policy.

I. Scope and purpose of collection and use of your personal information

We will collect your personal information for the following purposes in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. If use of your personal information is not for the following purposes, we will further explain to you for your consent.

1. Becoming our member

Before you become our member for enjoying membership services, obligatory information on the registration page, including your name, contact information (E-mail and mobile number), your city, profession, industry of your company, type of company and business card, must be filled.

During the membership registration, you can also fill in the optional information in addition to the obligatory one. This will help us provide you with personalized membership services, such as, pushing the products and messages that interest you.
In addition, you need to provide the business license and other information during enterprise certification.

2. Providing goods or services to you

a. The information provided to us by you

You need to provide the name, contact number and E-mail of the recipient, as well as basic purchase-related requirements (project background, estimated yearly demand, etc.) so that we can deliver you our goods or services. If a third party is entrusted to deliver you our goods or services, we will share the above information with the third party. Without such information provided by you, we cannot provide related delivery services.

b. The information collected during your use of our services

To provide the web presentation and search results more appropriate for you, understand the suitability of products and identify any abnormal account state, we will collect and correlate with the information on services you used and how you use these services. Such information includes:

• Log information: When you use the products or services on our website or on the user terminal, we will automatically collect the detailed information of your use of our services, and save such information as weblogs (For example, the content of your searching and query, IP address, date and time of visit, and record of visited webpages).

• Cookie: For the sake of normal functioning of website, better experience of web visiting, and pushing the content that possibly interests you, we will store a small data file named Cookie on your mobile device. We use Persistent Cookie. Cookie generally contains identifiers, name of website and some numbers and characters. With Cookie, the website can save your preference and other data.

You can manage or delete Cookies based on your preferences. Please refer to for more information. You can clear all Cookies stored on the computer, and most of the web browsers are equipped with the function of blocking Cookies. However, if you block the Cookie, you need to modify the user settings each time when you visit our website. For more information about how to modify your browser settings, please visit the setting page of the browser.

• Pixel tag: In addition to Cookie, we also use other similar techniques on our website, such as pixel tags. For example, the E-mail we send to you may contain an address link that directs you to our website; when you click this link, we will track it so that we can better understand your preferences of products or services and actively improve the service experience of our customers.

Please be noted that, the single log information cannot be used to identify a specific natural person. If we combine such non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person, or use it by combining it with personal information, such non-personal information will be considered to be personal information during the use. Unless otherwise stipulated in laws and regulations or your authorization is obtained, we will anonymize and de-identify such personal information.

3. Pushing goods, services or messages that may interest you

To improve our products or services and provide you with targeted, personalized services, we will extract such features as your browsing and search preferences, behavioral habits and location based on the information you actively give, your browsing and search records, device, location and membership. These characteristic labels are then used to generate and exhibit specific portraits of population and send corresponding messages.

If you are not willing to receive such information, you can cancel it following the method provided in E-mail or mobile message. If such an operation seems difficult for you, please contact us as indicated in Article VIII.

4. Conducting user survey and service analysis. For example, you may be invited to participate in a survey on services. Your information collected when you are using a certain service can also be used in another service to exhibit personalized content to you and for the study, analysis and statistics of users.

5. Security assurance and software update. For example, if our system fails to work, information generated therefrom is recorded and analyzed to optimize our services.

6. For other purposes, we will separately demand consent or authorization from you during services.

II. Means of collection and use of your personal information

Besides the means indicated in Article I "Scope and purpose of collection and use of your personal information" of the Policy, we may collect and use your personal information by the following means:

To ensure the accuracy of data analysis and the pertinence of content pushing, we will acquire a part of your personal information from the platform website, including your icon, nickname, ID, comments, browsing data. We will save and use the above-mentioned information prudently in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

We may use the information collected through some functions in other services. For example, your personal information collected during the membership registration or the consulting of restricted content may be used for reference in another function or service to provide you with specific content, including, but not limited to the information on personalized products, message push, prompts of information security for what you have browsed, indirect portrait of population based on characteristic labels so that more targeted, personalized services and contents can be provided.

To ensure the security of our services and help us better understand the platform operation, we may record some relevant information, including the frequency of your use of application, crash data, general usage, performance data and source of the application program. We will not combine the information stored in the analysis software with any personal information provided by you in the application program.
If we use your personal information beyond the purpose and the directly-related or rationally-related scope as promised when your information is collected, we will further explain it to you for your consent.

III. Storage and protection of personal information

1. Location of information storage

We will collect your information and properly store it in the Microsoft Azure, ensuring its security in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

2. Duration of information storage

Generally, unless otherwise stipulated in laws, regulations or administrative orders of governments, we only store your personal information within a reasonable period necessary for the collection and treatment of information.

If we stop providing products or services, we will take corresponding measures, including: inform you by pushing notifications and announcements, and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period.

3. Information security

We provide corresponding security assurance for your information, lest your personal information be lost, misused, and visited or disclosed without authorization.

a. We will rigorously follow the relevant laws and regulations to protect the privacy of users' communication;

b. We will ensure information security by taking various protective measures to a reasonable extent (for example, use of encryption techniques of TLS, SSL, MD5 and Hash Algorithm, and anonymization);

c. We will set up special systems, procedures and organizations of administration to ensure information security (for example, we strictly limit the personnel access to information, and require them to observe confidentiality obligations, and conduct checks);

d. In case of security events, such as disclosure of personal information, we will initiate an emergency plan to prevent such events from deteriorating while informing you thereof by pushing notifications and announcements.

IV. Sharing of personal information with third parties

We strictly control the sharing of personal information with third parties in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. We may share personal information with a third party under the following circumstances, for example:

1. We share your personal information with a third-party service provider (possibly not within the same jurisdiction with you) for information collection and treatment. Our third-party service providers include: Website builder: Delaware Information Consulting (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Server provider: Shanghai Blue Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. Before we share your personal information with a third party as required by this clause, we will ensure your information security through encryption and anonymization.

2. For the continuous development of our business, we need to share your personal information with our potential investors. We will pursue the protection of your personal information either by us or by a new administrator in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the standards not inferior to the ones in the Policy.

Attention: In order to attract more investors and provide better and more convenient services to customers on the COATINGCAT platform, we plan to disclose operation information on the platform to our potential investors when necessary and on the premise that the investors agree to keep the information confidential. Such information may include data of platform users, operation data and financial data (hereinafter referred to as "platform data") that are acquired, collected, prepared and generated in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, the "Terms of Use for Users of COATINGCAT Platform" and the "Privacy Policy of COATINGCAT Platform", so that the potential investors can use it for necessary feasibility analysis of investment (hereinafter referred to as "specific purpose").


(1) The above-mentioned platform data includes: Users' information (e.g., user name, company name, department, industry, profession, E-mail address, contact address and contact number); Browsing behaviors (e.g., number of browsing, browsing time and click rate); Statistical data generated when users browse the platform (e.g., data and sequencing information related to the products, formula and solutions); Data generated during users' transaction on the platform (e.g., orders, information about shopping carts, execution of orders, volume and amount of business, average order price and conversions between transactions and browsing behavior); Data generated when users use specific functions on the platform (including webinars, exhibition, etc.)

(2) The above-mentioned specific purposes include: Assessment of investment value by potential investors, feasibility analysis of investment and joining into platform operation, planning and adjustment of commercial arrangement & design, update and improvement of products / formula / solutions / services, follow-up and execution of platform transaction of affiliated parties / representatives/ agents, etc.

3. Other purposes required by laws, regulations or administrative orders, or those allowed by other laws.

V. How to manage your personal information

You can visit and manage your personal information by the following means, or as indicated or instructed on the page when you use specific services:

1. View your personal information

You can view your personal information by the following means:

a. Personal Center -- You can browse your basic personal data in the account through "Personal Center" on the COATINGCAT platform;

b. Order information You can query your records of orders and transactions on the COATINGCAT platform.

2. Edit your personal information

You can edit or add your personal information through "Personal Center" on the COATINGCAT platform.

3. Cancellation of account

You can contact us as indicated in Article VIII if you need to cancel your account. We will clear your account information and stop supporting services such as marketing push within 30 working days upon receipt of your application for cancellation; however, for your personal information provided previously that is difficult to delete and eliminate technically, we will stop its storage, and take protective measures and other treatments. Eliminated information cannot be recovered, please be cautious to make your decision.

4. Unsubscription of marketing information

If you have chosen some optional information on products or services that interest you when you register the membership, but you would not like to receive such marketing information anymore, you can unsubscribe it through the mechanism indicated in our marketing information. Once you make such a choice, we will stop sending you the marketing information.

VI. Protection of minors' information

We focus on providing products and services to adults over 18 years old. If you are a minor less than 18 years old, we require your parents' or guardian's consent and your careful reading of the Policy in the company of them before you use our products or services and provide us your personal information.

If you are a minor's guardian and have opinions with respect to the personal information on the minor under your guardianship, please contact us as indicated in Article VIII.

VII. Update of the Policy

We may update the Policy from time to time. For any update or major changes, we will push information or make announcements on the COATINGCAT platform. In such a case, your continuous use of our services means that you have agreed with the updated Policy.

VIII. Contact Us

If you have any doubts, comments or suggestions with regard to the Policy or other issues, please contact us:

Asellion (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd